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Featured Events

Murder Mystery

Friday, 7 pm – 9 pm | Side Ballroom

Crime Scene Creators: The Murder (Mystery) Crew

Try your hand at this fantasy murder mystery game!  Interrogate suspects, gather evidence, and accuse the murderer. Can you figure out whodunnit?

Minecraft Creative Build Event

Friday, 9 pm – 11 pm | Room 404

Master Builders: Claire Syverson and UR Computer Interest Floor

Put your creative skills to the test and build based on our convention theme, adventure fantasy. The best build wins a special prize. The Minecraft server has been graciously provided by UR Computer Interest Floor.

D&D Fantasy Tarot Readings

Saturday, 10 am – 11:30 am | Main Ballroom

Reader: Claire Syverson

Take a peek into your soul with a fantasy-themed tarot card reading.

Character Creation Station

Saturday, 1 pm – 5 pm | Main Ballroom

Character Connoisseurs: UR Comic Club

Want to make a D&D character, but not sure how? Stop by Comic’s Club’s Character Creation Station! We have blank D&D character sheets for you to take. We are certified nerds who can offer mechanics explanations and character-creation tips. Experienced players are welcome to bounce ideas off of us as well. We are here to help you build a character to test out in a SIMCON one-shot or for your next campaign!

Cosplay Panel

Saturday, 4 pm – 5 pm |  Side Ballroom

Master of Disguise: Mark J. Mendola

A panel discussion on Cosplay, Cosplay design and the building of costumes and props. Brought to you by WNY Superheroes and Cosplayers

Cosplay and Gaming Panel

Saturday, 8 pm – 9 pm |  Side Ballroom

Master of Disguise: Mark J. Mendola

A panel discussion on gaming and Cosplay, Cosplay design and the building of costumes and props. Brought to you by WNY Superheroes and Cosplayers

AIF Anime Showing

Sunday, 1 pm – 5 pm |  Room 407

Anime Aficionados: UR Anime Interest Floor

We will be watching “Kino’s Journey -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series”. 

Board Game Events

Blood on the Clocktower

Friday, 9 pm – 12 am | Room 403

Game Guru: Omri Goldenberg

A bluffing game enjoyed by 5 to 15 players on opposing teams of Good and Evil, overseen by a Storyteller player who conducts the action and makes crucial decisions. The goal of the game is to successfully figure out and execute the demons before they outnumber the townsfolk. Do you have what it takes to survive?

Oviraptor Extinction

Saturday, 10 am – 4 pm | Main Ballroom

Game Guru: Jacob Yaple

Play Oviraptor Extinction, the egg-stealing dinosaur to-the-death board game. By the creator of Cold Quest. Packs of dinosaurs compete to steal enough eggs to survive catastrophic climate change. Packets of dinosaur candy will be provided to all playtesters.

Amid the Swarm

Saturday, 5 pm – 9 pm | Main Ballroom

Game Guru: Tim Wheeler

Amid the Swarm is a mid-weight two-player strategy and tactics game currently in development. After arriving by asteroid, swarms of queen-controlled primal aliens have decimated humanity to extinction. What would it look like if two queen-controlled armies clashed in this post-apocalyptic setting? In less than an hour of playtime, you will have the chance to play out the encounter by simultaneously and discretely selecting your unit action order, spawning production, and bonus actions. 

As this is a minimum viable product still undergoing slight iterations, you will have the opportunity to not only have a good time trying out a game like no other, you will also be able to engage in design and development conversation with the designer, Tim Wheeler, and provide eagerly desired feedback. Healthy snacks and drinks will be provided to players. 

Witch Hunt

Saturday, 9 pm – 11 pm | Side Ballroom

Game Guru: Sophia King

Your village has been infested with witches, and your only hope of survival is successfully finding them. Unfortunately, the witches secretly are also trying to kill villagers. Can you defeat the other team before they defeat you? Witch Hunt is a large social deception game where every player has a unique role and is working to ensure their side of Good vs. Evil comes out on top. 

Blood on the Clocktower

Sunday, 7 pm – 10 pm | Room 403

Game Gurus: Dalton Moore & Alexis Barrientos

We will be running a game of blood on the Clocktower- a social deduction game new to the club!  Blood on the Clocktower is a game where everyone is assigned a unique role, either on the side of the townsfolk or the side of a demon. Figure out who is on your side and eliminate the rest.

Magic: The Gathering Events

F360 Legacy Cube

Friday, 7 pm – 11 pm |  Room 302

Mana Mage: Finn Abbey

Participate in an 8 player MTG cube draft of F360, a powerful Legacy+ cube. This cube features powerful synergies as opposed to archetypes and is probably best for experienced players.

Wacky/Chaos Draft

Saturday, 1 pm – 5 pm | Room 403

Mana Mage: Boldo’s Armory

Bring any 3 Magic the Gathering booster packs and we will draft them.  Then players will play 3 rounds with prizes for all.

Box Draft

Saturday, 7 pm – 11 pm | Room 401

Mana Mage: Boldo’s Armory

This will be a Magic: The Gathering tournament using a box of cards, drafting rules of Boldo’s choosing, which will lead to a magic game.  It is the most fun you can have with magic cards and should not be missed by any but the most boring players.

Planechase Commander

Saturday, 8 pm – 11 pm |  Room 403

Mana Mage: Jakob Riches

Come play commander as the whole room travels through the multiverse together using Planechase.  A fun casual magic event! 

Lands Cube

Sunday, 12 pm – 4 pm | Room 403

Mana Mage: Jeremy Reguer

Lands Cube: a vintage cube that has zero spells.  None.  Just 360 lands.  Does it work?  Who knows?

Pioneer Tournament

Sunday, 4 pm – 7 pm | Room 302

Mana Mage: Jakob Riches

Compete in a proxy-friendly tournament in the Pioneer format!

RPG Events

D&D 5e One-Shot

Friday, 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm | Room 307

Dungeon Master: Josh Stead-Dorval

Grab your dice and come kick off SIMCON 44 with a D&D 5e one-shot! Any level of experience is welcome; bring your own 4th-level characters or choose from a premade selection.

The Curse of Beasts: Survival and Diplomacy at the End of Days

Saturday, 10 am – 2 pm | Room 308

Dungeon Master: Kylie Stives

A curse has ravaged the lands. Werewolves, wereravens, werebears, oh my! A form of progressive were-virus has spread. People turn into were-beasts, and they eventually do not turn back. In the midst of this, your Dungeons and Dragons: Fifth Edition adventuring party helps to protect a fortified safe haven. When refugees come knocking at the gates, will you let them in or turn them away?

Level 4 characters will be provided. There are 7 to choose from. This game is beginner friendly.

Masks: A New Generation One-Shot

Saturday, 11 am – 3 pm | Room 302

Game Master: Jade Selch

When the Terrifying, Ptolemaic Time-Traveler, Captain Cleopatra attacks earth, and the people of Halcyon City, all heroic hands are on deck. While the bigshot heroes stay on the homeland to deal with immediate dangers, it’s up to your team, a rag-tag group of young, up-and-coming heroes to go to the Captain’s spaceship, and deal with her head-on. This one-shot uses the superpowered Masks system, all experience levels welcome.

To Serve Her Wintry Hunger

Saturday, 12 pm – 3 pm |  Room 404

Game Master: Charlotte Caldwell

“May the crocus never bloom for you have work to do”- To Serve Her Wintry Hunger is a collaborative storytelling game set in a dark fairytale setting. Players are playing as winter spirits attempting to hunt down a human, and impress your Lady of Winter. If you enjoy impactful storytelling, a darker tone, and fairy tales, this is the session for you. 

Hotel 96 (Savage Worlds Ruleset)

Saturday, 12 pm – 4 pm | Room 407

Game Master: Mike Sprague

It’s a late-night Road Trip and Hotel 96 is waiting for you. It promises fine music, great food, and a release of the soul … but it has a burning desire to make you stay for good! This is an East Texas University adventure.

Carrion Crew: An Ashen Stars (GUMSHOE) Space Opera Adventure

Saturday, 2 pm – 6 pm | Room 307

Game Master: Sean Krauss

Come play some Carrion Crew: An Ashen Stars (GUMSHOE) Space Opera Adventure! Join us in this sci-fi Tabletop Role Playing Game, where you will play as freelancers in space, trying to accomplish whatever assignment comes your way.

Digging for Bones: Exploring the Ruins of Humanity

Saturday, 3 pm – 7 pm |  Room 308

Game Master: Kylie Stives

In the years after the were-virus has ravaged society, there are no humans left. The intelligent animal descendants of the were-beasts have formed communities themselves. In this post-human world, play as either a dog or a cat using the Realms of Pugmire system. Your mercenary party has been contracted by a dog noble searching for an artifact. Explore the ruins of human society to find lost treasure!

Level 3 characters will be provided. There are 12 to choose from, 6 dogs and 6 cats. This game is beginner friendly.

Vaesen: Something Wicked

Saturday, 5 pm – 9 pm | Room 302

Game Master: Angela Murray

The march of progress carries England forward into the future, but at what cost to the hidden worlds around us? Vaesen is a game of Mythic Horror set in a version of the 1880s where industrialization wars with the supernatural creatures that have always lived at the edges of the world. Potentially mature themes. Open to new players.

Call of Cthulhu

Saturday, 6 pm – 10 pm | Room 404

Game Master: Stephen Watson

Call of Cthulhu: Al Capone – Comedy Horror RPG. Join us in this horror-filled one-shot as we Cthulhu some horrors.

Avatar Legends One-Shot

Saturday, 7 pm – 11 pm | Room 307

Game Master: Jade Selch

For years now, no one has heard tell of the Avatar, but when a group of sailors comes to your homeland in the Southern Water Tribe, claiming to bring the Avatar with them, the whole island is aching to meet the figure of legend. She seems impressive enough, but something about her doesn’t feel quite so legendary. This one-shot uses the Avatar Legends system, all experience levels welcome. 

Ten Candles

Sunday, 11 am – 2 pm |  Room 302

Game Master: Charlotte Caldwell

“These things are true. The world is dark. And we are alive.”- Ten Candles is a collaborative tragic horror story. The sun has gone out, and now the world is dark. And from the darkness…They have come. All you can do is try to stay in the light. 

This is an RPG focused on darker themes, with characters doomed by the narrative, and the kinds of stories that can be told in times of desperation. 

Agon One-Shot

Sunday, 2 pm – 6 pm | Room 404

Game Master: Jade Selch

Far from home, your troop of heroes stops at a mysterious island on the path of their journey. Looking towards the sky for guidance is a sign from Athena, an Owl tied up in web and thread, a plea for help from the goddess. This one-shot uses the Greek-mythos inspired Agon system, all experience levels welcome.

Companions’ Tale One-Shot

Sunday, 3 pm – 6 pm | Room 308

Game Master: Sophia King

Come play Companions’ Tale with me! Companions’ Tale is a collaborative storytelling game where the history and geography of a world is built…from the perspective of the hero’s companions. Tell sweeping, grand stories and build a world together, by taking the conflicting accounts of the Hero’s Story.

D&D 5e One-Shot

Sunday, 3 pm – 7 pm | Room 307

Dungeon Master: Sam Richter

Grab your fighting gear and get ready to go on an adventure! Fight your way through monsters and more in order to save the day. You will be playing as level 10 adventurers. Experienced players preferred.


Uno Tournament

Saturday, 1 pm – 4 pm | Side Ballroom

Host: Sophia King

Think you’ve got what it takes to be crowned Uno Champion? Then show up and have fun with this fast-paced and easy to pick up card game…and don’t forget to say Uno! 

Battletech Beatdown

Saturday, 1 pm – 6 pm | Room 401

Host: Boldo’s Armory

In the Battletech world the succession wars were a period when nuclear weapons were thrown around like snowballs and even the planets not destroyed in these exchanges were often scared by radiation.  The planet of Yorii was no different but what was different is that it led to some exceptional mutations in some creatures on that planet.  This turned normal lizards into huge monsters which occasionally got violent and attacked.  For some strange reason they seemed to always attack Neo-Tokyo.  In this game the defense lance will try to repulse an attack on Neo-Tokyo by a few of these monsters based upon the number of interested players.  So be prepared for the classic battle of Godzilla versus the giant robots.

Mario Kart Wii Tournament

Saturday, 7 pm – 9 pm | Room 407

Host: Ryan Rosenblatt

Get ready to rev up your engines and put your racing skills to the test at our Mario Kart Wii tournament! This tournament is the ultimate challenge for fans of the beloved Nintendo game, where you’ll compete against other players in a thrilling and action-packed race to the finish line. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, it’s all about having fun and showcasing your racing skills!

Warhammer Ancients 2000 pt tournament

Sunday, 11 am – 6 pm | Room 401

Host: Boldo’s Armory

Bring a valid 2000pt WAB2 army to battle for fabulous prizes (a complete army box from Warlord Games).  If you are unfamiliar the rules and army book can be found on the Facebook site Warhammer Ancients V2.0 in the files section.  We will play 3 rounds with scenario rules.

Munchkin Bonanza

Sunday, 1 pm – 4 pm |  Main Ballroom

Host: Jacob Greenberg

*From the Archives*

Kill the monsters, stab/shanghai/karate chop your buddy, in space, and go MAD!  It’s an epic battle with all of the Munchkin card sets together in the quest to be the Ultimate Munchkin!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament

Sunday, 3 pm – 6 pm | Side Ballroom

Host: UR Esports

An event hosted by the Smash Club of UR Esports featuring teams of 3 going against each other in a double-elimination bracket.

Trivia Events

TTRPG Kahoot

Saturday, 11 am – 12 pm | Side Ballroom

Knowledge Czar: Jack Reinstein

Test your knowledge of D&D5e (and maybe some other TTRPGs) with a fun-filled trivia Kahoot!

Magic: The Gathering Trivia 

Saturday, 5 pm – 7 pm | Side Ballroom

Knowledge Czar: Michael Riches

Seize your Chance for Glory and test your Accumulated Knowledge in a Battle of Wits! Trivia topics include Magic: The Gathering lore, mechanics, and history.

Warhammer Trivia

Saturday, 7 pm – 8 pm | Side Ballroom

Knowledge Czar: Sarah O’Connor

It is the 21st Millennium. For more than a hundred centuries Sarah has sat pondering these questions. She is the Master of Kahoot by the will of the gods, and master of a million games by the might of her inexhaustible knowledge. In this SIMCON, there is only trivia.

TTRPG Trivia

Sunday, 7 pm – 8 pm | Side Ballroom

Knowledge Czar: Sarah O’Connor

Come and bring your party of brave adventurers to test your knowledge! Can you defeat the BBEG category?

Themed Board Game Times:

Deck Building Games
Saturday | 12 pm – 3 pm
Deck Building games are all about building the ultimate deck of
cards to crush your opponents and come out on top! Try out
Dominion, Tyrants of the Underdark, and more.
What the Deck doin’?

Social Deduction Games
Saturday | 4 pm – 7 pm
Lie to the people around you, and figure out who’s telling the truth.
In our social deduction games, such as Avalon, Coup, and Love
Letter, try to keep your information hidden while learning as much
as you can in order to win the game!
Everything is a Social Deception game if you try hard enough…

Cooperative/Team-Based Games
Sunday | 12 pm – 3 pm
Looking to work together with your friends, meet some new people,
or challenge your skills? Try out some of our team games, such as
Pandemic, Codenames, and Muse and show off your teamwork
What is a Co-Operation?

Speed Games
Sunday | 4 pm – 7 pm
Put your reflexes to the test and try out some of our speed based
games! Games like Jungle Speed, Slamwich, and more will push
your ability to recognize patterns and move quicker than your
I have a need… A need for speeeeeeeed!

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